Turner Waterproofing Systems is a local, family run company who live and work right here in Muskoka.

We love Muskoka!!  

With almost 3 decades of experience we are really old! We really know what we are doing.

Dan can find a leak that no-one else could, he is like one of those witch sticks.  
Matt our son will eventually take over the business and has been working with the company for over 15 years, he has learned from his dad that there is no “oh thats ok” it has to be perfect or does not meet the standard that we have so diligently worked for in the past 30 years.  

We are dedicated to customer service and, working with the client throughout the job. If there is ever a problem - we are there right away - that does not happen very often, but if it does we are there. We want you to be happy with the work that we have done for you.